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About the Practitioner

Michael L. Burnett LMT
I am a Licensed Massage therapist with 7 years experience. (not including the year of school). We have owned our own practice for 6 years now and we are continually growing. 
 I Enjoy doing massage for the many benefits that go along with the practice of massage. I have become a happier, healthier person who enjoys helping others. 
 I have been happily married for 22 years come this Oct. My beautiful bride has brought me many years of joy. One such joy is our 14 year old son who enjoys our hobbies such as reading, going to the renaissance festival, fishing, or even just staying home and playing with the family pets. Since becoming a Massage Therapist I have had more time to spend with my family which I am truely greatful for.

My wife Jessica has joined our office full time!! Jess will be managing our office as well as offering Embroidery and seamtress services.  For those small alterations or that really great renaissance costume give us a call.

 Contact us  at (409)797-4484

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