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License and Certifications

 I am a licensed massage therapist in the state of Texas.

 I graduated from Texas School of Massage under the 500 hour program.

 In addition to graduating from the 500 hour program I have earned 86 hours of continuing education and I am certified in the following techniques and modalities:


 Reflexology is based on the principal that all the organs in the body have reflex points in other areas of the body, such as the ears , hands and feet. With the feet being the most responsive. Reflexology has helped our clients with migraines, cramping, headaches, asthma, various intestinal conditons as well as helping to relax.

Hawaiian Sacred Lomi:

 Hawaiian Sacred Lomi has been called the dance of massage due to its rythmic movements. Feeling like the rolling waves in the ocean Lomi has helped clients find relaxtion as well as therapeutic release of muscle tension. Using the forearms and long gliding strokes through the body muscle tensions and toxins are released allowing the client to feel better.


Hot Stone Massage:

 Hot Stone Massage utilizes heat to help release muscle tensions and release toxins from the body. The heat allows a deeper work into the muscles for those that need deep tissue while not leaving the client feeling like they were worked deeply. Little to no soreness. The heat also soothes the muscles leaving a relaxed feeling.


Prenatal Massage: 

Prenatal Massage is designed to help eleveate pain and soreness due to pregnancy. Massage during pregnancy has proven to lessen child birth and labor pains. It has also shown that with frequent massage it can improve mother and baby over all health. Health benefits are improved by increased circulation which helps to bring more oxygen rich blood to baby and to help cleanse harmful toxins from the system. 


Shiatsu Massage:

 Shiatsu Massage cmbines yoga style stretching with breathing techniques. Most of the techniques involve the therapist using the feet, hands, forearms, and finger pressure. This modality can be done while fully clothed as long as the clothes allow for lots of movement and stretching. 


Myofascial Release of the low Back and Pelvic and 

Myofascial Release of the Upper Body:

 Myofascial release combines stretching with massage techniques to access deeper fascia and muscles. Helps symptoms such as sciatic issues, periformis syndrome, low back pain, frozen shoulder, tingling in the hands and fingers, muscle tensions. 

Cupping and Gua Sha:

Cupping involves putting a negative pressure (vacuum) on an area of the body. this works like a deep tissue but instead of using compressions it utilizes a vacuum. The vacuum causes a pull on the fascia causing the muscles and tissue to relax. Helps to pull toxins from the body and has shown to not only decrease pain but also to decrease cellulite.

Gua Sha is gua for scrapping and sha for toxins or harmful energies. oil is applied to the skin surface then scrapped off with a variety of tools. Causes reddening of the skin but usually clears up in 2 to 3 days.

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